Qwares® Spigot is an Australian brand that belongs to Able Hardware. Able Hardware’s experience in the manufacturing of top-quality hardware goes back to 2001. State-of-the-Art technology along with some of the world’s top minds have earned us worldwide sales.

Why choose Qwares® Design

Because of the consistent quality, competitive price, you can find Qwares® products from Australia and worldwide wholesale markets, or in the fitting finished products under various well-known brand names. Qwares® only delivers the highest quality products which meet or exceed stringent standard industrial specifications. Extra attention to the quality of raw materials and standard dimensions in higher performance. No matter what, you can trust that when you purchase an Qwares® product, you will be getting nothing short of the best.

Qwares® uses sub-par materials to cut the manufacturing expense; instead, Qwares® uses quality to build value right into every item they make. Qwares® provides the highest quality product available for the price-conscious customer in mind. Confidence comes with the installation of an Qwares® material. All products are rigorously tested at all intervals of the manufacturing process. When you choose Qwares®, you are assured that the quality is built-in.

The advantage of Qwares®

  • 20+ years of experience in manufacturing for famous companies;
  • Fast modeling design in 24 hours by Autocad, Sketchup, UG;
  • Revit or ArchiCad BIM design and service are supported;
  • Fast 3D printed samples on your desk in 72 hours;
  • Professional image rendering service by Keyshot 10.0;
  • Easy to communicate with your designer or architect.
  • Four Australian warehouse for order pickup.