Glass Pool Fence Spigots R1/F1

Earthing Glass Pool Fence Spigot

Taking the spigots for glass fencing, or balustrading design is good architect’s choice. The most prominent feature of a frameless glass fence is no border around it. It is almost entirely transparent. So the glass project has good lighting, simple, beautiful, and full vision.

Why take the stainless steel spigots for the glass pool fence?

The frameless glass balustrade and pool fencing is very welcome in NSW, QLD, Victoria, etc. These projects take 10-12mm Australian standards safety toughened glass panel and earthed with U channel or heavy-duty quality mount spigot. The glass gate has two hinges and one safety latch lock.

The stainless steel mini post are more accessible to DIY installation. It has a round/square post body, round or flat cover plate, grub screws. The timber decking can be M10x50/75 dynabolt, chemical anchor or screws. There are satin-brushed, mirror chrome, matt black even cooper coating for the range of spigots surface. The quality control point for these fittings are quality marine grade material with corrosion-resistant, meet Australian pool fence load standards AS1926/1288/1926.

What are the features of glass pool fencing spigots?

Bright looking. You can see a frameless glass pool fence right through it with nothing. The stainless steel spigots base plate firmly earthed to the concrete and quite short.

Easy to install. You can install the pool fence panels at home by DIY installation step by step by timber deck screws or core drilled.

Very strong. The glass fence spigots are made of marine-grade 316 or duplex 2205 stainless steel and fixed with all toughened safety glass panels. The pool fence and balustrade panel is flexible. You can drop it on concrete without breaking it.

Safety. The flanged spigots are approving the Australian safety standard AS1926.1-2007 / AS1288 & AS1926 load requirements.

The glass fence does not need painting, oiling, and other maintenance. You can easily clean.

Recommend 2 glass pool fencing spigots on eBay Australia

  • The square model pool fence spigot F1 is top-rated product in eBay pool fence below:
  • The round model glass fence spigot R1 is Great Price at eBay Australia below:
  • Two spigots made of integral casting forming with high strength and beautiful shape. The
  • Material is marine stainless steel 316 grade, not 304. All spigots passed the salt spray rust test to ensure long-term outdoor and near sea applications.
  • Gasket made of high-temperature and heat-aging resistant Nylon PA66 material
  • Good feedback from each clients without any complaint from 2015 until now.

Square glass pool fence spigot model F1:

  • Same design with bunnings warehouse;
  • 45x45mm square column, 150mm high; 
  • Φ10.00 x 15mm slot hole that easy to adjustable install, suit earth M10 dnyabolt;

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Glass Pool Fence Spigot Project with F1 Australia

Round glass pool fence spigot model R1:

  •  Φ48x160mm high with beautiful curved cover ing ;
  • 200# (unit) abrasive belt grinding for satin brushed surface; 
  • Φ10.00 x 15mm slot hole that easy to adjustable install;

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