Smart Spigot Glass Clamp Installation & Prices

The smarter spigot knew as the side mount spigot. Also named stainless steel surface/side mount talon spigot, or Madrid face mount spigot. It is an innovative solution for side mount glass balustrade or frameless pool fencing. Perfect for face mount installation of frameless or semi-frameless glass project.

What is the application of the smarter spigot?

1.Suit for DIY installation for frameless glass pool fence or balustrade.

2.It is for 90-degree concrete or timber glass pool fence projects.

3.We don’t like face mount bolt-down pool fencing design.

How to choose the stainless steel smarter spigot?

According to Australian pool fencing regulations, The stainless steel glass spigots should be made by stainless steel or cnc machining process. The material should be corrosion resistance marine grade 316/2205. We do not recommend the cheap stainless steel material 304 to manufacture spigot glass clamp.

There are satin, mirror, or matt black surfaces of this friction fit fix stainless steel glass clamp. The glass pool fence with matt black spigot and glass gate popular from 2018 in Australia.

How to install the smarter spigot for a glass pool fence?

1.Measure the dimension of glass balustrade or glass pool fencing projects, the max-width between two stainless steel spigots is 150mm.

2.Measure and drill holes into the pool fence’ concrete to put stainless steel thread mounting rod.

3.Insert and fix the stainless steel threaded mounting rod to the wall with the chemical anchor, lag screw, or rear fixing nut.

4.Position face mount spigot over rods through mounting channel.

5.Tighten duplex stainless steel glass spigot with split washers and nuts.

6.Put glass panels into mount talon spigots from the top.

7.Tighten friction fit grub screws by hex tool for toughened glass panels.

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